Diane Baptie Picture by SeeSawPhotos: Gairloch Village and Baosbheinn (Hill of the Wizard), Wester Ross, Scotland.


There are no official records of tenants. They are to be found in rentals and tacks (leases).

Tacks can be found among the papers of landowners, which have been deposited in the National Archives of Scotland, in local archives or in the National Library. Some were registered in the various Registers of Deeds.

Rentals are to be found among the papers of landowners. Earlier ones, along with court books, can also be found in the records of the franchise courts. Tenants can also be found in papers of civil cases which were held in the Commissary and Sheriff Courts and Court of Session.

Forfeited Estate papers

The outcome of the Jacobite Risings in 1715 and 1745 led to the forfeiture of lands of several of the landowners who had been involved.  Lists of tenants on those estates can be found in the Exchequer Records

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