Diane Baptie Picture by SeeSawPhotos: Gairloch Village and Baosbheinn (Hill of the Wizard), Wester Ross, Scotland.


About Me

My name is Diane Baptie and I live at the seaside in Portobello in Edinburgh.
I have a university degree and have been doing research for over 20 years

I am a member of ASGRA (the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives).   We have all undergone tests as to our competence and have agreed to adhere to a strict Code of Practice

I attended a course on reading old handwriting run by the National Records of Scotland a number of years ago and since then have been kept busy transcribing a wide variety of documents


I am a Researcher in Archives and am experienced in searching records from the 16th century onward. I specialize in researching in the Historical Search Room in the National Records of Scotland (NRS) in Edinburgh. It houses an extensive variety of records which can often turn out to be surprisingly useful

I also research in the Special Collections Department Reading Room at the National Library of Scotland (NLS) which is also in Edinburgh and where records, originally in the Advocates’ Library are housed, as well as other genealogical and historical records which have been deposited there

I have undertaken research in a wide variety of subjects for academics, PhD students, authors, businesses, institutions and local historians.

Many of my clients have been family historians, some of whom, having become frustrated by the incompleteness of the parish registers (available online and in the ScotlandsPeople centre), have contacted me enquiring about other records which might help. Others have wanted to find specific information about an individual or a property owned or occupied by a family member

I have also been employed by quite a few clients wanting to locate sources to prove whether unsubstantiated material which they have found in books or online either independently or on a commercial genealogical site is correct

I always use original records which may help to:

  • reveal more details about a person, place or subject
  • verify or correct an online or printed source
  • assist in filling in gaps or finding earlier material
  • prove or disprove a family story

Perhaps you have visited the Historical Search Room, but did not have time to complete your search. Could I help you with this?

Do you have a photograph or photocopy of a document or have you downloaded a will from the ScotlandsPeople site which you have found difficult to read?  Could I transcribe or summarize it for you?



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